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Metal Art/Home Decor

Metal Art/Home Decor

These pieces are not made or in stock. Pricing will based on a design and size that is a collaboration between Splitty’s and our clients. Final pricing will be based on the design, size, materials and labour.

The pictures are pieces made for two of our clients. They are approximately 50” wide and 40” tall. Splitty’s will work with you to design a piece that will enhance your home’s decor.

Contact us to see what’s possible in meeting your design wishes.

Splitty’s strives to create metal art, yard/garden decor and home decor that makes a unique conversation piece and is suitable for display or use in your home, office, den, shop or man cave.

Our goal is to create metal sculpture and decor that is unique; that no one has done before. We try hard to resist conformity and mass production.

Splitty’s is always open to undertake custom work. I have completed custom work for clients in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, California and Florida.

Visit us at:


Etsy Store: SplittysHandcrafts

Instagram: wight.ron

Twitter: @SplittysH

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